News Briefing on Emilio Gutierrez Soto Case Nov 29 at National Press Club

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Monday, November 20, 2023 at 10:42pm UTC

News Briefing on Emilio Gutierrez Soto Case Nov 29 at National Press Club

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WASHINGTON, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ --

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News briefing on the epic case of Mexican journalist Emilio Gutierrez Soto.

After a long legal struggle, Emilio finally has received notice of asylum.



Eduardo Beckett: El Paso-based immigration attorney for Emilio;

Penny Venetis; Rutgers University, attorney for Emilio on Habeas Case;

Kathy Kiely; University of Missouri;

Lynette Clemetson: University of Michigan;

Michele Salcedo: former official of NAHJ and National Press Club

Emilio Gutierrez Soto; Mexican journalist and 2017 John Aubuchon honoree




Wednesday, Nov. 29 at 2:30 Eastern



National Press Club, 13th floor, National Press Building, 529 14th

Street NW, Washington, DC 20045


Emilio Gutierrez Soto, a Mexican journalist, fled his country in 2008 after death threats over his reporting on corruption in the Mexican military. He immediately declared for asylum at a legal port of entry in the U.S. His case, which had the full support of the National Press Club and many other significant organizations and institutions, only recently approached a successful resolution and now he is expected to be officially granted asylum early next year.

The saga of what happened or nearly happened to Emilio during that 15 plus year struggle says volumes about the U.S. immigration and justice systems as well as providing a case study in how press freedom is often overlooked as a priority in this country.

This panel will seek to explain Emilio's compelling story and provide the meaning and context that flow from it. At the conclusion there will be some recommendations about what can be done in the future to ensure better safety for Mexican journalists and for all journalists who are exiled to the United States.

If you are concerned about press freedom, immigration, U.S.-Mexican relations and liberty and justice for all, this event is for you!

There is no cost to attend but you must register at:

Note: while Mr. Gutierrez Soto will attend and may say a thank you, he is not available for interviews at this time as his legal process is still concluding.

Contact: Bill McCarren, 202-662-7534 for the National Press Club

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